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Esther's Haven house, Inc.

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Supporting Women & Men Living with Difficult Lives

Social Services for People In Need & On the Streets

Esther's Haven House is dedicated to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable through our social services. Our shelter locations in New Orleans, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, and Jackson, Mississippi provide transitional housing, food, and clothing for immediate concerns, as well as job training and mentoring programs to help people become independent.

Overcoming Challenges

Many of the people we work with are coming out of prison, where they have been provided with three meals and a bed. Now,  that they are free, having nothing except the clothes on their back, they need our support. Some are unable to read or write, and some have a hard time learning. Domestic violence victims, who were also in a very controlled environment, find it very difficult to re-start.

Meeting Needs

Through our transitional housing programs, EHH Inc.  ensures that everyone has a place to stay, something to eat, and proper clothing. We want to help them find a job, by giving them the skills they need to be successful. We provide counseling service that helps with life skills, job skills, and mentoring. Transportation and educational services are available, along with drug and alcohol recovery programs.

Encouraging Faith

Faith can change lives! Our goal is not to judge anyone or try to convert people. We don't push Christianity on people because we support whatever religion you are.

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